Our process is designed to ensure that you are kept up-to-date about building progress, costs and results without having

to worry about the many activities and requirements that need to be coordinated for a construction project.

  • Consultation. We meet with you to understand your
    vision, and give you a rough quote.


  • Proposal. We provide you with a detailed design
    (for design/build) or construction proposal.


  • Permitting. On acceptance of the proposal, we submit
    the appropriate construction documentation for the
    required permits.
  • Construction contract. We finalize our working
    agreement through the construction contract, which
    includes the construction timeline, budget/payment
    schedule, full description of the work to be done,
    grievance procedures, and any other information
    relevant to the project.


  • Start of construction. We start construction on the
    date specified in the contract, and manage all stages
    of the project going forward. We handle any issues
    that come up, serve as a trusted advisor for any
    decisions you need to make, and provide you with
    regular updates.
  • Completion of construction. As we near completion
    of the project, we will work with you to develop a
    punch list to ensure all agreed-upon items are
    complete. Once these items have been addressed, we
    will arrange for final inspection and prepare the
    documentation to certify that the project is complete.


  • Occupancy. You move into and enjoy your new home
    or new indoor/outdoor space in your existing home.

Design / Build

Kaiser Home Builders can build your construction project from plans you provide, or we can do both the design and the construction. The latter option, known as design/build, offers a number of benefits:

New Construction

Kaiser Home Builders’ specialties include: wood frame construction, foundations, exterior and interior finishes, complex geometric designs, decorative concrete and radiant heating. When you choose us to build your new home, whether as a design/build delivery or from plans you provide, we will manage every step of the project during the pre-construction, construction and post construction phases.

Remodel / Addition

When you are adding on to or remodeling your home, it’s essential that the new construction fits aesthetically and functionally with your existing space.  Kaiser Home Builders translates your vision into a remodel or addition that meets your needs while integrating seamlessly into your home.

Bathroom / Kitchens

Updating your kitchen and bathrooms can add significant value to your home. It can also be a bit overwhelming as you make the various decisions needed – cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, appliances, flooring, lighting, etc.

Outdoor Spaces

For many homeowners, their outdoor spaces – front yard, backyard – are as much a part of their everyday living as their indoor spaces.
Kaiser Home Builders creates outdoor spaces that enhance curb appeal from the front, and enable leisure with style in the back, including: