Design / Build


Kaiser Home Builders can build your construction project from plans you provide, or we can do both the design and the construction.

The latter option, known as design/build, offers a number of benefits:

Single point of contact. No need for you to coordinate or manage issues between the architect and builder.


Increased efficiency. Design and construction working together from point of concept reduces constructability issues and potential change orders down the line, which increases efficiency and reduces risk.


Cost control. Construction costs are known much earlier in the process so any adjustments required can be made prior to start of construction.


Quality control. The continuous thread between design and construction reduces the potential for misunderstandings and conflicting goals.


Time Savings. Design/build eliminates some of the time factors inherent in other construction delivery systems, such as bidding periods and redesign. Plus, since the general contractor is involved earlier in the process, procurement of critical materials and project scheduling can begin earlier.